Collectible Design

For purchasing and more information about collectible design pieces, please visit Adorno or Galerie Philia or contact

Arch Stools

Arch stools are open-edition sculptural ceramic furniture derived from the series Revak of the artist which is an ongoing project aiming to create poetical architectural structures composed of arches. While the projected function is stool they can be used as side tables or pedestals.

The stools are results of the attempt combining the two practices of the artist, design and art. While they are hand-sculpted and numbered with a signed certificate, they are functional and open-edition as design pieces.

As high temperature fired stonewares, Arch Stools are suitable for sitting, but it is not recommended to drag them on the floor. There is no glaze or varnishing used on the surfaces to reveal the beauty of the material’s own texture. It makes them unsuitable for using as coffee table.


Splash side tables are the outcomes of the experiments for an aesthetic pursuit on coupling of contradictions: Minimal designs with rough surfaces, furniture with a fragile material, organic shaped trays on geometric legs. All the members of Splash family are unique and one of a kind while they look similar.

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