Purchasing and FAQ

Halka Vases become available for purchasing at exhibitions or temporary collaborations several times a year. Currently available at:

Rossana Orlandi Summer Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy (14 pieces)
OMM shop Eskişehir, Turkey (3 pieces)
74 Escape pop-up gallery in Maça Kızı, Bodrum, Turkey (5 pieces)

Customized designs and pre-orders are not possible.

I am a wholesale buyer for XXX, please send me your catalogue.
I am an independent designer who cares about slow production. Because of all the designs are unique and they are being produced by hands, long time is needed for both designing and producing. So mostly there is no catalogue. If you are considering to make a collaboration, we can talk about upcoming collection.

I am a photographer, can I use/rent your vases as props in my photoshoot for XXX brand?
No, because vases are so fragile for photography sets.

Do you have a showroom or store?
I have a space for producing and business meetings in Kadıkoy, Istanbul. If you want to visit my production space please send an e-mail for appointment.

Do you hold ceramic workshops?
Due to the pandemic, workshops are delayed indefinitely.

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