Halka Vases project launched by the in 2019, consists of one-of-a-kind vases aiming to create a contemporary and playful form language by interpreting the timeless aesthetics of Anatolian and Mediterranean artifacts. The artist stages a naive rebellion against the ever digitalizing and accelerating world by trying to correlate with means of production and the pursuits of a form of the ancient anonymous artists which he shared the same geography in separate times. With a hundred and twenty-five unique pieces created up to this time, the project has transformed into a never-ending study of forms.
Latest collection can be seen at the exhibition “Proliferation” at Öktem Aykut (Istanbul) between 24.06.2021 and 07.08.2021. Halka series can also be found at Rossana Orlandi (Milan) and Boon Room (Paris).

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