Deformed is an installation with five editions composed of 54 unique ceramic objects and wooden shelves. The objects are coincidental outcomes of arbitrary interventions on mechanically produced bodies as an experiment that aims to explore the tension between mechanical production practices and the intuitional deforming process. As a result of this tension, endless possibilities of forms emerge spontaneously. These undefined forms can evoke anything to the viewer, like popcorns or clouds do.

Location: Naya Studio. Kuruçeşme Cad. 25 Beşiktaş Istanbul Turkey

Proposal: Monument of the Unknown Cappadocian

The element that provides the poetic existence of Cappadocia is not only its unique natural formations, but also how the societies that have chosen these formations as their habitat and how the individuals of these societies are integrated with the geography. Over thousands of years, thousands of Cappadocians, who carved the rocks, dug the ground, built arches and built walls in line with the needs of their daily lives, added their own spirit to the spirit of the place they were in and changed the face of the region. Today, although the monks have been replaced by tourists, and the underground cities have been replaced by balloons in the sky, the main story does not change. The place continues to transform the soul of the human, and the human continues to transform the spirit of the place.

Location: Somewhere in Cappadocia, Turkey.
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