Street View is a collaborative design project curated by In-Between Design Platform as part of the Equal Spaces project. Initiated by the Swedish Institute and The Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul, Equal Spaces aims to explore creative, smart and inclusive cities.
Street View brings together four Swedish designers with four Turkish designers and four local artisans in Istanbul in order to collaboratively develop a number of design projects based on the artisans workshops, their histories and knowledge of production.

Josefin Vargö is a food / experience designer and independent curator, exploring connections between the different senses, offering moments to consider diverse ways of being. 

Mesut Öztürk is an artist and designer, taking ceramic as an expressive tool to experiment authentic handmade productions.

The common points of the designers are meeting on performative experiments where the design process can be seen on the product.

“Boğazkesen Simit Fırnı”, The historical bakery located in Boğazkesen Street in Beyoğlu, is a second generation bakery, continuing its production since 1977. The bakery is in constant relationship with the neighbourhood and the street, giving the leftovers to the people in need. 

The Simit Workshop Team presents an installation called “Askıda Simit” located at Tarihi Boğazkesen Simit Fırını, based on the Turkish custom of giving bread to people in need. The installation takes reference from the street food culture of Istanbul, triggering the act of sharing, using the commons for socialising and other daily life interactions. Alongside the installation, the team has designed a table tray and a side table. The objects reinterpret the traditional simit tray used by street food sellers, which has been a strong cultural urban item since Ottoman times. 

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