Mesut Öztürk was born in Krumovgrad, Bulgaria in 1989. He studied architecture in Istanbul, later on he completed his master degree on History, Theory, Criticism in Architecture at Istanbul Bilgi University. He conducted several courses in the same university. He lives in Paris since 2021.

In his practice, he seeks to find ways to translate his contemplations about ancient architectural structures, anonymous artifacts and urban formations into ceramic forms, while he keeps experimenting on the limits of clay.

Selected Exhibitions

Liste Art Fair, Öktem Aykut. Basel, Switzerland
Solo Exhibition: False Friends Forever, The Steidz Project Room. Paris, France

Solo Exhibition: Proliferation, Öktem Aykut. Istanbul, Turkey

Street View, Swedish Institute. Istanbul, Turkey 

Harran: Physiognomy of a Plain, Studio-X. Istanbul, Turkey


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